Restore Recolor Reseal Ceramic Tile Grout

1 Day 25 Year Grout Restoration™


Is how long it will take to complete the average job and make your grout beautiful.


Is how long we guarantee that our restoration will last.

We Are Unique  No other Company Can do What We Do

No Other Company Offer A 25 Year Warranty

No Dust, No Odors, No Fumes

Child And School Green Guard Certified.

Full Mold And Mildew Development Protection.

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  • We give Fast Fast Service
  • We do small jobs
  • We do large jobs
  • We do grout replacement
  • We replace missing grout
  • We replace damaged grout
  • We do dark to light color changes
  • We complete most jobs in 1 day
  • We work on Saturdays
  • We will do a fantastic job

Think Twice About Scrubbing And Bleaching Your Grout

Sanded grout is a porous material even under the best conditions it will become soiled and stained. 1 Day 25 Year Grout Restoration™ will eliminate that problem by color sealing your grout. We alone guarantee our system you will have beautiful consistent colored grout that will resist stains from food, drinks and dirt.

1 Day 25 Year Grout Restoration™  restores your grout lines to a beautiful “like new” appearance. It can protect new and old installations. In the long run

Our process saves you time, money and effort of scrubbing with harsh cemicals on your hands an knees. So avoid expensive dirty dusty re-Grouting.

Let   1 Day 25 Year Grout Restoration™ restore and recolor you grout lines “like new”.

Colors and Seals grout offering incredible results in any kitchen or bath.

Works on walls, floors, or any other tiled surface, giving old tiling a clean new appearance, saving you money and increasing the value of your home.

Restores dull and faded grout and tile and makes it look like new..

Looking to remodel or refurbish a room?  This is  a perfect solution.

Make a big beautiful change for a small price.

Change your grout color from light to dark or from dark to light.

Highly stain resistant, making future cleaning a snap. Protects against the development of mold mildew and odors.  We can repair damaged / missing grout.

Q) What exactly does 1 Day 25 Year Grout Restoration™ do ?

A) Everything you want, and more!

Q) Why did my grout become soiled & stained in the first place?

A) Rarely do tile installers seal grout. Why? Grout needs to “cure” for several day before sealer can be applied. Meantime normal use on this new porous grout dirty mop water of food / drink. Finds its way into the grout. If installers do come back to seal they use cheap sealers to save money.

Q) Can 1 Day 25 Year Grout Restoration™ match my existing grout color?

A) Yes… match color, or change from dark to light or light to dark.

Q) What do we do before & after 1 Day 25 Year Grout Restoration™ ?

A) Do not use the shoer / tub for one day before we arrive. Dry time is 2 hours to walk on. Do not get and areas wet for 48 hours cure time.

Q) How much does 1 Day 25 Year Grout Restoration™ cost?

A)  A whole lot less than re-grouting.. Pricing is a function tile size, total square feet, type of grout, areas and rooms. We give FREE PHONE ESTIMATES, call us to go over details, best to have photos. We will quote you a firm price for the job.

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1 Day 25 Year Grout Restoration
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A Few Of Our Thousands---- Satisfied Customers--- Testimonials

Must be the holidays already because these guys gave me the best gift ever: perfect looking wall!
Employees are trustworthy, friendly, and have great team work! I will be recommending. Thank you guys for your hard work. Office is looking incredible


Fast friendly service from the first cell call. Sending photos of the damage for a estimate was no problem whatsoever. Matt’s crew was professional and knowledgeable. The damage was repaired quickly. Outstanding work. I highly recommend them.


I am very pleased about the grout work that these guys did in my home I got a very reasonable estimate and within 3 days, they started the tasks and finished in 2 days. Their work was meticulously done and they picked up the mess after. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family. Good job!


I had the pleasure of working with Matt at my  vacation home in Newport Beach. Everything Matt promised happened regarding times and finish date. Time was extremely important as I rent the property at different times during the year. I was able to full the contracts for the property and most important the work was done perfect. All areas were kept clean.


These Grout guys are awesome! Matt was punctual, professional, and delivered excellent work. I had several areas in my home that needed to be worked on and they finished everything in a timely manner with high quality service. I highly recommend them. I will be using them again!


I didn’t realize the plumber was not going to fix the grout in my shower  walls. But I have to give him kudos for referring these guys. Cheap in money but not in quality! Thanks! Please feel free to use me as a reference.


I wish I could give 6 Stars! These guys were great. Fantastic work at a very reasonable price.


Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. These guys show up!! You can depend on them to show up and do the job efficiently and VERY professionally! I would highly recommend these guys for your grout  needs.


Amazing. Very professional, great price. Would hire again.


Life savers! Great work and price! Thank you, thank you!


I was very pleased with how clean and careful they were, set down cloths on flooring and covered their work area outside. You can’t see where grout was repaired and re coloring came out Beautiful. I thought the price was very fare for the amount of work.

A Henderson

Showed up gave me a price. His men showed up at the agreed time. Couldn’t be happier.

J Heydorff

Great job, they were clean and fast. I would hire them again.

S Rose

They showed up on time. The job was done on proper standards. They completed the job on time.

S Paul

Went great! Did Roughly tile repairs and then colored & sealed it looks phenomenal!

P Campbell

Fast & Reasonable!

A Kranson

The work crew showed up on time, did a great job and cleaned up the job site spic and span, The workers are polite and professional. I highly recommend these guys.

S Wilburn